Dual Universe: Eternity | Spacetime

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Science and Religion in a Dual Universe

Religion and science go their way as if existing in separate universes.

My goal is to bring these two universes together in a revised view of reality.


1 Faith and Reason

2 Contrasting Religious Eternities

3 Eternity in Science

4 Abrupt Physical Change

5 Creation out of Nothing

6 Formless Energy

7 Transformations of Energy

8 Space, Time, and Eternity

9 Elements of Spacetime

10 Assembling Spacetime

11 The Structure of Spacetime

12 The Dual Universe

13 Origins of Randomness

14 Action against Path Deviation

15 Energy-Momentum Exchange

16 The Guiding Wave

17 Attributes of Frequency

18 Twin-slit Wave Interference

19 Dual Interpretations

20 Energy-Momentum Decides

21 Non-Locality

22 Dark Energy, Dark Matter

23 Reconciling Religion and Science

33 Special Relativity

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